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The Kingdom of Tonga has a unique range of health and beauty products and services, so be sure to visit the variety of local outlets available on most major island groups with unique souvenirs you can take back with you or with an unforgettable experience of local Tongan health and beauty services.

Nuku’alofa’s Talamahu market offers locally made handicrafts, accessories, kahoa (flower necklaces), and Tongan oil which compliments traditional Tongan wear. Langafonua Gallery and Friends Tourist Centre are some of the local outlets that offer locally made coconut oils ready for you to grab as a unique souvenir of the Tongan culture.

Fabric stores near the Talamahu market also offer traditional Tongan designed tupenu (material) which most locals use to sew traditional Tongan wear (Puletaha or tupenu). There are also more urban fashion available such as local sport and casual clothing by local Tongan companies.

Definitely an experience not to miss is a Tongan massage with locally made products at Island Glow, learning how to make Tongan oil and body ointments at Ancient Tonga and also visiting the local market for a souvenir of traditional Tongan wear and accessories.

Health and beauty in Tonga

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Island Glow


Island Glow specialises in beauty treatments for body and soul. We use traditional Tongan skin care products, hand-crafted from timeless recipes made in contemporary context. Come and experience the divine fragrances and feel the glow. Our qualified beauty therapists offer the full range of treatments to keep you looking and feeling great. We also sell More Info »


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