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your romantic honeymoon in tonga

The unhurried and un-spoilt islands of Tonga give you the perfect setting to unwind. What’s more, amongst deserted beaches and stunning sunsets, a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, you will also find the perfect backdrop to rekindle the romance in your life. A perfect place to share a message with your loved one – ‘Oku ou ‘ofa ‘ia koe – I love you.

Romance in Tonga

Tonga is the perfect place to enjoy your honeymoon, whatever your preference. Unwind and relax on one of the many deserted beaches watching the stunning sunsets, escape to one of the many boutique resorts or eco-lodges. Sign up for an adventure cruise if being active is what you are after. Discover the many tropical fish or pristine clear coral gardens in the clear waters or enjoy a guided tour and experience the history, ecology, culture and food of the Kingdom of Tonga.

Honeymoon Celebration Entertainment

These celebrations take place the night before the wedding day. For this important event, special gifts like tapa and fine mats from the groom’s family are taken to the bride’s home. This shows that the groom’s family is content and happy with the upcoming marriage. This whole celebration involves traditional dances, a party and goods exchanged from both sides.

Weddings incorporate other traditional events, which follow after the wedding and sometimes before. These events include traditional dances which are performed, and the exchange of goods from both families.


Expect to be exceptionally well fed on your journey. From Tongan favourites like ’ota ‘ika (raw fish marinated in lemon and coconut cream) to lu pulu (corned beef and coconut milk wrapped in taro leaves), food and feasting are integral to Tongan culture. Delicious meat and seafood, from spit roasted suckling pig to steamed fish complemented by the freshest of local vegetables including yam, taro, sweet potatoes and cassava form the basis of seriously special meals. There couldn’t be a better way to get a true taste of Tongan culture, or to set the mood.

Receptions and Celebrations

Samoans and Tongans view the taualuga as an essential ritual for most ceremonial events, so the blessing custom is almost always included at weddings. Guests lafo by throwing money into the air around the couple as they dance while the bride tries to balance an elaborate headpiece.  The best man usually kicks off the festivities by pinning money on the bride’s dress while the maid of honour dances with the groom. The best man and maid of honour are also responsible for handing out the pins and sending in new partners every few seconds – just long enough for the guests to offer their congratulations and the bride and groom to thank them for coming.

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