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Activities to fill languid daylight hours include kayaking to untouched atolls or a pampering Polynesian massage.
Then as night falls, rustic sand-between-your-toes beach bars are the perfect entrée to romantic candle-lit dining.


Be sure to partake in traditional Tongan cuisine. From Tongan favourites like ’ota ‘ika (raw fish marinated in lemon and coconut cream) to lu pulu (corned beef and coconut milk wrapped in taro leaves), food and feasting are integral to Tongan culture. Delicious meat and seafood, from spit roasted suckling pig to steamed fish complemented by the freshest of local vegetables including yam, taro, sweet potatoes and cassava form the basis of seriously special meals. There couldn’t be a better way to get a true taste of Tongan culture, or to set the mood.

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Romance Packages

Relax, unwind and enjoy your stay.  Some travel companies will offer Romance Packages that organise activities for you and your loved one.  Here you can find information on Romance packages offered by different organisations.

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Sights not to be missed

As well as the typical island activities like kayaking, snorkeling and sailing, Tonga offers some great sights and activities to share with a special someone.

Swim with Giant Humpback Whales -Share Tonga’s warm and sustaining waters with migrating humpback whales from June to November. Join experienced whale watching operators across the Kingdom to swim with these gentle marine giants.

Boat trip to Pangaimotu – You can buy your ticket at the visitor center in town the day before . Its a great outing for the day and the price is right. This is on a wooden boat with a few other sightseeers and cruises over to the island in about 40 minutes or so.  Cost there is T$35, including transfers and lunch.

At the market – There is a good market in Nuku’alofa. They sell lots of fruits and vegetables . Melons must be a big crop for them! They also have a dry goods area and some hand woven baskets and mats . Its a good place to people watch too.

Fafa Island Boat Trip –  Quite a first impression with the white sand and turquoise waters. Set on a 19 acres island 30min. by launch from the main island of Tongatapu is beautiful Fafa Island. You can spend the day snorkelling on the coral reef and roaming the empty beaches. The ticket to Fafa includes lunch at the resort for about $60.00. You can buy tickets in town the day before.

Enjoying Pangaimotu – Pangaimotu’s only resident is the Pangaimotu Island Resort. You can spend the day strolling around the little island. It is gorgeous and you can walk around the entire island in about 30 minutes.

Massage – There’s a stone house on the cliffs of the blowholes area of Tongatapu where you can get a good massage. Its $20.00. He was the personal masseuse to the King.

Ha’amonga Trilithon – In popular myths the Ha’amonga is believed to have been made by the demigod Maui, as the stones would be too huge for mortals to handle. However they got here, they have been there since the 13th century and they are huge. The limestone slabs, are about 5m high, 2m wide, 6m long. Tonga’s own Stonehenge.

Swimming Pigs – The north coast of Tongatapu is where at low tide you will see pigs swimming. Most of the pigs belong to the families across the street from the beach. A popular attraction.

Tongatapu – is a tiny island and it is a short trip to go anywhere on the island. You can rent a car or go on a private tour. The blowholes are beautiful. You stand on the edge of the coast on the black volcanic rocks and as far as you can see are huge spouts of gushing sky blue water. There are hundreds of them along a four mile stretch of wild windswept coastline.

Beaches – The beaches really are breath-taking. But what is interesting is that some of the cemeteries are almost right ON the beach. Some have said that the spirits of the deceased will be more free there. The tombs are usually well decorated by colourful tapestries & unique beer bottles. But the best part of these beaches is to take an “eva-lotu”, (prayer-walk).

Lapaha – The town of Lapaha, was the seat of the Tui Tonga (paramount chief) for 6 centuries, beginning about A.D. 1200. Today near the road you can see all that remains of the royal compound … a series of langa, or ancient terraced tombs. Legend has it that the supreme Polynesian god came down from the sky about A.D. 950 and sired the first Tui Tonga. The last Tui Tonga, who died in 1865 is buried in one of the tombs. There are 28 tombs around Lapaha and Mu’a but none of them have been excavated.

Captain Cook’s Landing Place – Just before the village of Mu’a we see the stone-and-brass monument marking Captain Cook’s Landing Place. The great British explorer landed and rested under a large banyan tree here when he came ashore in 1777 to meet with Pau, the reigning Tui Tonga.

Royal Palace – The Tongatapu Royal Palace sits on a choice spot in town overlooking the ocean.

Hiking the coastal cliffs of ‘Eua Island in Tonga is also a marvellous experience that you can share together. Visit the natural and unspoiled forest trails and cliffs and enjoy the beauty of nature along with magnificent views.

Take an aerial sightseeing tour of the islands. Many of them are actually coral islands and observing that from above is breathtaking.

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