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learn a few words of tongan
Tongan People

Learning the local language

Both Tongan and English are taught in schools across the Kingdom and on the major islands of Tongatapu and Vava’u, virtually everyone speaks English as a second language. Despite the widespread bilingual skills of the Tongan people, they always welcome visitors to the Kingdom attempting to learn and use a few local phrases. Try mastering a few of these phrases and see the delight of the Tongan people as you make the effort to speak their language.



Hello Malo e lelei
Good morning Malo e lelei ki he pongipongi ni
Good evening Malo e lelei ki he efiafi ni
How are you? Fefe hake?
Fine, thank you Sai pe, Malo
What’s your name? Ko hai ho hingoa?
My name is … Ko hoku hingoa ko …
Where are you from? Ko ho’o ha’u mei fe fonua?
I’m from … Ko ‘eku ha’u mei …
Are you married? Kuo ke’osi mali?
Yes ‘Io
No Ikai
Maybe Maholo pe
Please Faka molemole
Thank you (very much) Malo (‘aupito)
You’re welcome ‘lo malo
Welcome Talitali fiefia
Excuse me Kataki
I’m sorry Faka molemole’iau
Goodbye (to someone who is leaving) ‘Alu a
Goodbye (to someone who is staying) Nofo a

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