Ancient Tonga


Malo ‘e Lelei!

Welcome to Ancient Tonga, our small humble village in Fangaloto.

Enjoy an informative tour through the village of our traditional communication devices before mobile phones and radios. View our traditional Fale Tonga, our traditional clothing and Tongan Medicine.

Learn how the old Tongan’s would live in their village from food preparation to bathing and making fragrant oils. The heritage of tapa making. The quality behind the woven mats and the meaning of wealth and importance for Tongans in Ancient Tonga.

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We provide daily tours which include the following:

Normal Daily Tours (11AM till 12PM)

Old Tongan Communications through the Lalo Origin of the Kava plant

The traditional Fale Tonga (Sleep House)

Tongan Canoe

The preparations of our traditional Umu

Our Lalanga heritage

Light refreshments


Value Packs (Includes an additional 2 demonstrations to the Normal Daily Tour for your group)

Pig Roasting

Informative Floor Show

Tongan Medicine

Tongan Coconut oil with spices

Tongan Traditional Clothing; Marriage, Funeral and Traditional Church clothing

Kava ceremony


Tui Pesi

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Normal Daily Tour;
$35 per person
$30 per person in a group of 10 or more
$15 per child

Value Pack
Additional 2 demonstrations to the Normal Daily Tour;
$65 per person
$60 per person in a group of 10 or more
$30 per child

Daily Tours run for 45min to 60min additional demonstrations will run for longer.


NOTE: Tuesday and Thursday Culture Tours

10am till 12pm
2pm till 4pm.

Contact us and we can work out the best Tour to suit you.

Malo ‘aupito,

We look forward to welcoming you.

Company: Ancient Tonga
Phone: +676 25510 or +676 786 3355
Address: Fangaloto, Nuku'alofa
Island(s): Tongatapu