Evergreen Chinese Restaurant

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Evergreen (Green Island) is a distinguished Chinese restaurant offering delicious traditional Chinese dishes, local flavours, appetizing fresh seafood and tasty desserts.

An excellent place for dinner with family and friends or for visitors to come and experience Chinese cuisine. Private VIP rooms are available for booking – perfect for family dinners or birthday celebrations.

Evergreen is best known for its authentic Chinese cuisine.

Popular dishes include stir fried sea snails with seasonal vegies, braised beef ribs with soy sauce, steamed fresh squid with wasabi sauce or steamed lobster with mashed garlic.

Opening hours are: Monday – Sunday from 10am – 2pm and 5pm – 10pm

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Company: Evergreen Chinese Restaurant
Phone: +676 21 563 Mobile: +676 842 2955
Email: emilylinx@hotmail.com
Address: Bypass Road, Ma’ufanga
Island(s): Tongatapu