Fefe Ho Loto Golden Sands Beach



Located at Fua’amotu Village near the International Airport and just down the road from the King’s Palace on the South Eastern Side of Tongatapu. Fefe Ho Loto Beach is one of the best swimming locations in Tongatapu, enriched in history and culture.

This beautiful beach was made famous in songs composed by our Late Queen Salote while she resided in her Summer Palace away from the pressures of ruling a Country.

Fefe Ho Loto Beach or in English is ‘ Listen To Your Heart ‘ is not like no other beach here in Tonga as it has history and is close to the heart of every local person in the village. Come and enjoy your time here out with family and friends or just sit back relax and sunbath on the beach.

Swim, sunbathe or simply kick back and relax, enjoy the warmth of the Pacific Ocean and enjoy the unspoilt beauty of this famous beach.

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