Friendly Islander Cruiser

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Introducing the Friendly Island Cruiser

Find us in Nuku’alofa with our scooter out front. Chances are we’re out riding them! We love to ride and what better place than the friendly island of Tonga.

You can take in breathtaking views not only at every stop but throughout the entire ride and get close to the nature that is all over the Kingdom and not just at the destination.

You’ll truly start to understand and really appreciate what it’s like to be on this beautiful island when you’re not boxed up in a car anxiously waiting to just “hurry up and get there”. The ride itself becomes a part of your experience on Friendly Island Cruiser.


Explore the Kingdom of Tonga’s beautiful sights the best way possible.. out on the open road!

Two Locations: Maufanga and Kanokupolu.

Rate (TOP): Full Day $50. Half day $35. Deposit $300.

Payment: Cash or credit card

Business hours: 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Closed Sunday.

*Moped rental requirements must be 18 years+ and must possess a valid driver’s license. Rates are applied to reservations only and need to be confirmed by a Friendly Island Cruiser rental associate.


Company: Friendly Islander Cruiser
Phone: Lani +676 871 0837 or +676 879 5139
Address: Ma'ufanga, Bypass Road, Nuku'alofa
Island(s): Tongatapu