Taste of Tonga

Sau on Machine

Taste of Tonga is a unique business. With a goal of zero waste we aim to use every component of a coconut. Our primary products are cold pressed Virgin Coconut Oil and Cured Vanilla. We conduct 1 hour tours of our facility and explain the benefits of coconut oil and the complexity of making vanilla.

With a growing global demand for Virgin Coconut Oil we now export to a number of countries including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA, Canada and the UK. It takes 15 coconuts to make one litre of oil and tons of waste.
Come and see how we can turn coconut waste into vanilla, electricity, maggots, pig food, coconut cream, soap, charcoal, poultry, methane gas, garden fertilizer, coconut cheese, smoked ham and mud crabs. It’s not magic; it’s just science in action.


Adults TOP $30
Under 12 free

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Company: Taste of Tonga
Phone: +676 867 0401 or +676 841 1099
Email: ianjones@tasteoftonga.com
Website: www.tasteoftonga.com
Address: Neiafu
Island(s): Vava'u