Tevita Palu

Real Tonga hopes new planes will boost tourism

The head of Real Tonga Airlines says he hopes extra planes the airline has acquired will encourage more people to travel to Tonga, despite the New Zealand government’s existing travel advisory.

Two Jetstream planes were purchased from Australia, one of which has already begun operation between Tongatapu and the islands of Ha’apai and Vava’u.

Real Tonga is awaiting the arrival of a Y12 plane gifted from China which was delayed in Papua New Guinea.

Tevita Palu says he hopes the additional planes will help boost the tourism industry which has been badly affected by the travel advisory.

“We did all this to try to encourage people to travel to Tonga and to make sure there’s no concern with the safety. But it’s kind of difficult because New Zealand government still has this travel warning and we put other airplanes into our operation to give people options.”

The Chief Executive of Real Tonga Airlines, Tevita Palu.

Posted from Radio New Zealand International