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Rare, endemic, and unusual are all pretty special words to the twitchers or birdwatchers of the world. In the Kingdom of Tonga, millennia of isolation and many untouched remote islands conspire to make it one of the South Pacific’s best locations to observe unique avian species in the wild.

On the tiny island of Maninita in the northern Vava’u group, vast numbers of sea birds nest, their survival boosted by the excellent work of local enthusiasts in ridding the ancient forested atoll of destructive vermin. Maninita is now one of the South Pacific’s most important sea bird breeding environments, and its birdlife remains easy to view and unaffected by human influences.

Even further north on the isolated Vava’u island of Nuiafo’ou, the rare and endemic Tongan Megapode incubates its eggs in the island’s volcanic heated earth.

Ancient and pristine rainforest on the verdant southern island of ‘Eua echoes with the call of the rare red-breasted Koki, or musk parrot. This beautiful bird was introduced to Tonga in prehistoric times when its red feathers were an incredibly valuable trade commodity.

Other endemic and unusual species to surprise and delight visitors include the Pacific swallow, Tongan whistler, Pacific pigeon and the Polynesian triller. Given the stellar avian line-up, it’s not surprising birdwatchers from across the globe are discovering Tonga’s abundant and unique birdlife.

Birds of Tonga

Providers for birdwatching:


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‘Ene’io Botanical Gardens

'Ene'io staff

Experience the true beauty of the South Pacific! Join us on one of our expertly guided tours of Tonga’s only botanical garden, which has been developed since 1972. Nestled at the beautiful ‘Ene’io Beach, the 22 acre garden is the lifetime commitment of the founder Haniteli Fa’anunu to preserve different plant cultivars, save endangered plant More Info »


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Other venues for birdwatching:


Blue Banana Beach House

blue banana beach house

Four fully self-contained, absolute beach-front bungalows in secluded garden settings – each with their own unique character. Best suited for two people however our newest fale “the lookout” is perfect for 2 couples or 4 people. Nestled in a tropical plantation of the Royal Estate at Kanokupolu, in the middle of the most beautiful beach on More Info »

Captain Cook Apartments

Captain Cook Apartments

Well presented units on Vuna Road opposite the seafront. Number of units: 6 Clean and comfortable, each unit has an ocean view. Located on the quiet side of the capital, Nuku’alofa, on the waterfront 2 minutes from the city center Two bedroom serviced units. Reserve your room via email. Families with children are welcome.   More Info »


Birdwatch Tonga

birdwatch tonga

During the summer months there are a number of sea birds that nest. We operate trips to Mananita where we have worked with Bird Specialist Dr Dick Watling in establishing Mananita as a bird watching haven. Our experienced guide can also take you to view the endemic Tongan Whistler and other land birds. Trips have More Info »

Mafana Island Beach Backpackers Resort


Mafana Island has a tranquil beach and is situated on the quieter eastern side of the Vava’u island group. Mafana Island is only 15 minutes away by boat from the old harbour, Neiafu. We are a secluded eco-backpackers with exclusive bamboo tree fales on our island beach. Lower priced new beach fales are perfect for More Info »

Vava’u Harbourview Resort

vavau harbourview resort

Fully self contained rooms each with its own kitchenette with fridge, cooking facilities and utensils, so guests can choose to eat in or visit one of the many popular restaurants in Vava’u. Vava’u Harbourview Resort has nine spacious bungalows plus an additional two bedroom unit. Two bungalows also have connecting door to allow for additional More Info »

Waterfront House

Popular and comfortable modern house situated on the water at the head of “Port of refuge” harbour with fantastic views. Tropical garden slopes down to a private floater. Easy access to snorkelling and swimming from floater. There are two fully screened bedrooms with en-suite and air-con. Two king singles in each room that can be More Info »


We didn't find any birdwatching activites in Ha'apai. Should your business be in here? Contact us.


We didn't find any birdwatching activities in 'Eua. Should your business be in here? Contact us.

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